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San Francisco Farmer’s Market

Some of my favorite things:

  • Finding fun things to incorporate in the garden – flamingos, Buddha heads, etc.
  • Playing with my dogs
  • Cooking in my kitchen
  • Playing tennis and golf
  • Having fun with my friends
  • Collecting hubcaps (that’s what I do best – 36 and counting)
  • Writing short stories and poetry
  • Playing the ukulele with my friend Kate
  • Being a docent at the Huntsville Museum of Art
  • Having friends over to enjoy my yard!

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  1. Barb is very modest.
    She is a loving mother. Has a kind heart. She occasional will correct you grammar or burn your seats-I meant bread! I have known her for years. I consider one of my top 100 best friends.
    Just tricking. Love you

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