John’s Christmas Cactus


Sow good services:: sweet remembrances will grow from them.  Madame de Stael




A popular plant that is highly prized in the holiday season-.some are blooming at Thanksgiving (as this one is). It is a tropical cactus, not a desert one, and cannot tolerate completely dry soil. If too dry the buds will fall off, and the plant will wilt. They need humidity, so you could place in a container that will hold a little water, scatter some pebbles over, place plant on top.. In a warm, dry house it may need watering every 3-4 day. Good light, a little fertilizer 2-4 times a year and be sure to keep it turned to prevent lopsided flowers..

Also, it roots easily. Just break off 3-4 inches of new growth and stick in dirt about 1/2 way down the first segment. They grow quickly, and soon you will have another magnificent plant.  

Hey, this is a beautiful plant that can live for ever-make it your heirloom to pass down through many generations!


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