O.K.. I was making a dish for one of the organizations I belong to and the recipe called for basil. No problem I think but unfortunately the cold snap we recently had-melted my plants down.   Time to start my indoor herb garden!  So off to the store to buy some~~~~$5.49 for a small (very small) container. 

Choose the ones you use most often in cooking-don’t waste time on the ones you will not use. My favorites are:

 BASIL- many varieties. It is a member of the mint family and can be used in salads, soups, sandwiches. Great with tomato, mozzarella .(And did you know that storing in refrigerator will produce a black leaf)?

ROSEMARY-one of my favorites but it is a hardy outdoors plant.

OREGANO-a Mediterranean herb with a strong flavor-a necessary ingredient in my spicy-spaghetti sauce and home made pizzas

PARSLEY-of course- to add freshness to all dishes

CILANTRO-essential ingredient in Mexican and Asian dishes

 If you can’t find plants in your local nurseries-try the grocery store (produce department).

Next time I will discuss containers and planting of the herbs



Rosemary in my garden


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