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Hosta Bed


This is when the hosta are blooming . They are healthy and full and a great use of the shade bed. Winter is coming, they will begin to die down in the mulch-but never fear “they will be back”!  Leaves will begin to break

Shade bed

Shade bed

in March and quickly start to multiply-this is when you can divide and plant elsewhere or give to friends . . .even enemies as there will be plenty.

I went to a demo on raising hosta from seed, FORGET ABOUT IT-unless you hane nothin better to do-or-the patience of Job.  I don’t  do anything~~~let nature do the work!

Winterizing the Banana Tree


Below are pictures of my banana tree and how I winterized it. Dig around the plant about a foot then ease out of pot or ground. Trim all the leaves off as it will make it easier to handle and store. I shook off loose dirt then put in a garbage bag with newspapers around it. Next April after the 15th I will plant, water, and wait for the leaves to unfurl.Image


Ornamental Kale and Cabbage


Ornamental kale and cabbage are a beautiful addition to your winter garden. You can eat them but they are grown mainly for color and shape. When I lived in Korea as a military wife. . . every stoop had a pot of them.

As temperatures drop-they will develop beautiful shades from pink to purple and reds.

iphone 053

Evening Mist Kale

iphone 055

Wild Dusk Kale

iphone 057

Redbor Ornamental Kale

Pictures of a few that are at Lowe’s right now.




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